Support services of Hico Engineering Company are one of the main stages of the product life cycle and the customer communication bridge with the company.
Given that customers' expectations for the product always change after product deployment, there is a need for a team to always support the products. The main concern of every customer after purchasing a product is its after-sales service, which is a continuation of our trust between the employer and Hico Engineering Technical Company.
In Hico Company (installation, training and support) is responsible for product support. Product support starts from the time of software installation and for all software sales contracts, three months of free support is provided for its customers, which includes the following:
Install and update software
Customers who purchase software receive regular software updates when concluding a support contract, depending on how long their contract lasts. All products will be installed and delivered to customers by the installation and support group after the approval of the quality unit and the approval of various working groups in Hico Engineering Technical Company.
Software user training
No settlement will last without proper training. Therefore, after the establishment of a system or a software, Hico Engineering Company, in coordination with the employer organization, holds training sessions for the personnel of the relevant units, and after the approval of the management or its representative, the work with the software begins.Resolve ambiguities and software problems by phone, remote access and in person there have be some problems while using an established system or software that is part of a system, which employers can inform support experts through various methods such as phone calls or e-mails. At the request of the employer, Hico experts will review and resolve problems and requests as soon as possible using various methods such as telephone calls, remote access with the help of software or in person after coordination with the employer organization.