1.    About Hico
Hico Engineering Co., with the aim of implementing the sciences taught in the scientific and administrative assemblies of the country, with the goal of real protection of the environment and human health and with a different attitude of support, decided to huge investment and the implementation of basic activities to achieve the production of waste management tools, and with the efforts of a team of experts in the field of system analysis and software development, along with well-known professors in waste and environment management, it began to operate in 2009 and it officially registered with the number 9882, in 2010.
 Hico’s main goal is to improve productivity in the field of waste management by using processes to improve the methods using appropriate tools, especially software and standards with the view of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) for waste management organizations of the executive municipality, a fully mechanized vast waste management plan put on its agenda.

2.    Hico policy
Hico Engineering Co., with the gaze of the vision of environmental support organizations and waste management in the country and region and based on the knowledge and human resources of its organization, in the framework of management systems, is responsible for achieving comprehensive the progress and development on the following policy:
o    Establishment of a mechanized system in waste management organizations and a fully operational and functional way and eliminate the problems existing in these organizations.
o    Perform software engineering affairs with the tendency of system analysis and simulation and use of engineering tools and techniques such as reengineering, value engineering, knowledge management and reverse engineering, etc. with the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction.
o    Attracting qualified personnel based on their knowledge and experience for the industries and organizations of the country
o    Mutual venture with domestic and foreign merchants and manufacturers and Performing memorandums to increase efficiency of waste management in the country and region and international levels.
o    Using the intellectual resources and experiences existing in the country and experts and scientists outside the country or regional and international partners.
o    Job creation based on the material and spiritual capabilities of the organization
o    Promoting the quality of culture of the organization, relying on the intelligent colleagues' engagement in responsibilities
o    An active company active in domestic and international exhibitions for the introduction of company services
o    Informing, educating and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in order to improve their productivity in the field of waste management.
Activities of the Hico Technical Engineering Company
Based on the expertise of Hico's experts on the one hand in the field of developing, analyzing and designing systems in the production of software systems, providing support services, deploying, training, and consulting on the creation of granteed quality systems on the other hand work experience and adherence to the principle of excellence focuses on the following:
1.    Production and sale of software products
    Soil and construction waste management software 
 Brief description: The management of land and construction waste management software is one of the processes that needs to be implemented in municipal services and waste management organizations, The full description of this process is available in the software package. Since the construction wastes are an integral component in any country,

    Soil and  construction waste management software 
Brief description: For the comfort of respectable citizens and contractors, this module created to prevent access the soil and construction waste system of each city to the organization  for the requiered tasks such as: requesting permission, list of qualified contractors, requesting good soil, observing the situation License and ... .

     Soil and construction waste management software (Android app)-inspectors
Brief description: In order to properly supervise the process of construction waste management and prevention of violations in this process, there is a need for appropriate and on-line tools (...) for inspectors involved in this project that can be implemented at the moment. The list of licenses has their position monitored, the specifications of the contractor of each license, each license machine specifications of the members and non-members, above all, a fully mechanized registration of three types of members or non-members violations vehicles or real estate in the system.

     Intelligent weighing and smart scales software
Brief description: Urban garbage Management requires the creation of a system that, from the beginning, has begun by arranging machines that have been working on the collection of these garbage, together with their contractors, and then by listing their specifications and contracting between them and the municipality to calculate the amount of garbage in each area and adjust the matching between the weights of input to the middle sites and semi-trailer of the final sites. This mechanism and the use of up-to-date hardware eliminates the human error in this regard.

     Box and roller-arm machines software (partial soil and waste)
Brief description: Soil and construction waste management is one of the most important municipal actions. Using of waste collecting boxes, with roller-arm machines, along with the management system of these boxes to accelerate and increase the quality of services to citizens and contractors of these boxes and creating a mechanized system for monitoring the status of boxes and requests and various reports in this area is part of the benefits of creating this system.

    Sort from source software (Web) – recycling co- workers
Brief description: Sorting between solid waste and garbage is a primary requirement of waste management. In order to collaborate with citizens and municipalities of each city, it is necessary to create a mechanism that not only culturalize but also will motivate the citizens. There are some reasons for establishing this system: the availability of how these wastes are delivered to the municipality’s contractors, Knowledge of up-to-date laws and regulations Along with the social and environmental messages, the existence of precise and accurate statistics to plan the division of activities in the municipality in the sort waste section for each region and area.

    Sort from Source Software (Android App) – recycling co- workers, Co-workers 
Brief description: To motivate and succeed in the sort of waste plan, citizens have the greatest and most important role, which can be described as a "sort plan" commander by creating an attitude of recycling co-worker among citizens. In order to motivate the citizens and transparency in the implementation of this collaboration, the recycling co-workers android app has been produced.

    Sort from Source Software (Android App) – recycling co- workers, Contractors 
Brief description: For the cooperation of contractors in sort from source plan, there is a need for systematic communication with the citizens' requests and the availability of the portable and fixed stands of the contractors involved in the project. One of the reasons for creating this system is the existence of a database of delivered waste and scores and the level of satisfaction of the citizens with contractors' performance.

    Sort from source software - Lottery
Brief description: Along with the sort of source management system, Hico Company has created this software system due to the creation of a motivational system among citizens and the insert points and high security of the codes of concession cards in this scheme, and then draw a lottery among the recycling co-workers of the Hico Company.

    Guilds and jobs with high volume of waste’s software
Brief description: Organizing jobs with high volume of wastes, which producing multiply the amount of residential waste units, in order to improve the uniformity and service to these jobs; because of creating social justice to receive additional service to these guilds and lawful mechanism fees provided.

    Industrial Waste Management Software
Brief description: Part of jobs with high volume of waste are industrial factories. Because of the danger of some of this wastes, Proper management of this waste is required. Estimating the amount of produced by these factories and the method of disposal of these type of wastes are one of the most important reasons for producing this system by Hico.

    Disposal site management software
Brief description: All of the processes mentioned above are used to direct the waste to specific locations called disposal sites. Therefore, the most important action after sending waste to the site is the management of disposal and processing of wastes. Part of these wastes are recycled and returned to the production cycle. Some of them, which are organic, are converted to a variety of compost and are available to the requesters of this product; some of these wastes are burnt and they generate energy, some of them are buried in sanitation landfill cells. The management of this highly precise and complex system requires a precise tool to manage all stages of this process, from testing in the compost to checking the amount of leeks and testing the treated water. One of the honors of Hico is extensive research and the use of scientific advice and ultimately the production of this module.

2.    Support, deployment and Software education training
It is very obvious that the implementation of software projects, without the support and deployment or providing the required training, remains incomplete. The main concern of every customer after buying a product is the warranty of that product that maintains trust between the employer and the host.
From the start of the contract, as the system runs, product support also starts with: Fix possible errors in the user area and database, Perform requests in the form of a contract amendment, Help system users in the field of use and in a continuous manner, Expert support by analyzing employer's opinions; as long as customer satisfaction is assured.
Hico Technical Engineering Co. provides support with a fully client-centric system based on mutual respect on its agenda and in this regard, with the implementation of the principle that "the employer's request is the top priority of the experts" has created a special advantage for itself.
With a specialized look at Hico experts and their expertise, it can be seen that a combination of industrial engineers (specialist in system deployment in organs and organizations) and other engineers, has created a process and system vision in the organization and there are fewer software companies with such thoughts.

3.    Consulting on the creation or development of waste management systems (RFP  and  Proposal) Along with the establishment of quality assurance systems
Considering the activities of the Hico Technical Engineering Company, one of the main concerns of organizations is the lack of awareness of their needs, in other words, the inability to express their needs to consultants or organizations that help meet these needs.
The basis of a huge project is the understanding of the system and the writing of such plans (RFP: Request for Proposal) and it's very important to examine the responses of these proposals from service companies to address all the needs and specify the scope of the project. Of course, it should be acknowledged that if a plan requires a tool such as software, proposal requires two critical attachments, the Cross Functional Flowchart (CFF) and Flowchart DFD (DFD) that their preparation and adaptation to the proposal and the initial plan is very necessary and specialized, and Hico provides the service for employers who need careful and scientific advice on waste management. Hico Engineering Co. performs various activities to improve process efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, reduce the time cycle of document circulation, reduce costs, and provide a systematic solution to problems. Some of these activities are as follows:
    Adjustment of goals and quality programs and create documentation
    Processing monitoring and writing their documentation
    Corrective and preventive measures
    Creating a management review system

1. A knowledge- based company in the field of production of waste management software 
2. A member of the Computer System Organization of the country
3. Get technical and engineering licenses from Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade
4. A Ranking Certificate and Qualification of Informatics Companies from the Country Planning and Budget Organization
5. Get production license and software exploitation from Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade
6. A member of software commission of the Computer System Organization
7. Receive the honorary salute of the Minister of Communications and Information Technology as the top company in the year 95
8. Receive technical approval of software production by the Vice President of Strategic Planning and Supervision of the National High Council of Informatics
9. Receipt of the National Honorary Document at the Conference on the Support of the National Economy
10. Member of Science and Technology Park of Iran
11. Unit of Industrial Engineering by the Organization of Industry, Mines and Trade in 94
12. Chief Executive Officer of Hico as a National Manager of the Iranian Management Board
13. Acknowledgment of the achievements of technology and commercialization in the national arena for comprehensive software management for Hico Atlas ERP at the Science Festival to Practice
14. Receive the Appreciation of the Science Festival up to the action for appreciation of the comprehensive ERP management software from the Development Assistance and Human Resources
15. Acknowledgment of the Ministry of Interior
16. Receive appreciation and selection as top entrepreneur
17. Receive the appreciation for appropriate space allocation in the field of research, research and technology from Ministry of Science, Research and Technology
18. Receive the appreciation for export ideas of knowledge-based from Trade Promotion Organization of Iran
19. Member of Iran Maintenance Association
20. Member of Iranian society for Quality 
21. Get an Economic Development during the Recession Certificate from the Golden State University
22. Get ISO 9001: 2000 Requirement and Documentation
24. Get a Comprehensive Project Management Workshop Based on PMBOK 2008 certificate
23. Get the ISO 9901: 2008 Certificate of Production and Installation of Industrial Software
24. Get satisfaction for Good cooperation with the municipality of Qom
25. Get satisfaction for Good cooperation with the municipality of Sari
26. Get satisfaction for Good cooperation with the municipality of Saveh
27. Receive confirmation from the Information and Communication Technology Organization of Karaj Municipality
28. Receive confirmation for adaptation of produced software with waste management law
29. And many of the honors we received for your trust.