System introduction

Major dairy industries, despite having a good market, a high percentage of technology and expertise, and a reasonable selling price, are facing challenges in managing the organization's resources: including inventory control in various warehouses and workstations according to In times of corruption, production planning based on market needs, etc., this supply has caused the price to rise, resulting in tough and fragile competition in the market.
By having a coherent system with a comprehensive database that can cover all the processes of the organization and information communication between units, it is possible to extract a practical report and make timely and correct decisions.

mechanized system establishment  purpose

- Management on the daily production of the organization
- Control of inventory of goods in different workstations
- Manage the entry and exit of goods to and from the warehouse
- Managing customer orders
- Planning to produce products according to the structure of product components (BOM)
- Issuance of various accounting documents
- Purchase management of required goods according to the order point and supply time

Mechanized System Usage Advantages

- Filter (restrict) reports to your liking
- Reporting (selecting report items)
- SORT (sort reports by any desired column)
- Pre-print settings included (select font name, type and size)
- Creating a card based on each user: showing the activities that are communicated to him or planned.
- Import and save information indefinitely and the possibility of deleting or editing them
- Report management
- Save information in html, word, pdf, excel and ... formats.
- Using FAST REPORT reporting software
- Use of modern software technology
- Applying modern methods of managing the system of production units
- High software security (equipped with hardware and software locks)
- Easy to install, set up and use (without the need for high expertise)
- Launching under local and global network (web)
- Controlling the level of access of different people to information
- Reduce review time and get things done
- Support for ISO 9001-2008
- Very simple yet practical design suitable for the industry
- Ability to prepare diverse and complex reports of information easily and in the shortest possible time
- Add modules and specific requirements of each customer and ...

System Features

- Basic information module
Definition of account side
Define cost centers
Definition of warehouse
Product specification definition

- Primary raw milk entry module
Record the initial arrival (temporary receipt) of raw milk
Check raw milk intake
Determining the status of raw milk
Raw milk pricing settings
Raw milk pricing
Livestock Report
Based on the recorded information for each rancher, the following various and practical reports can be extracted
- Milk bill received from the farmer
- Monthly milk received by the farmer
- Monthly milk intake by day
- Tap invoice sent to accounts

- Storage module
Warehouse location:
log in
Registration of goods arrivals information to warehouses, which includes types of arrivals: purchase, product, return of consumption, security goods, etc.
Ability to register the request for goods, including: raw materials, spare parts, etc. from the warehouse by different units, check and exit if approved.
Transfer of goods
Damaged goods
Warehouse handling

- Sales module
Submit an order request
Check the order request
Record the departure of goods from the warehouse

- Production module:
Product tree definition
Record production information

- Accounting module
Define the structure of accounts and details
Registration and issuance of various accounting documents
Accounting reports

- Treasury module
Receipt Receipt Registration, Remittance Payment
Track received and paid checks
Transfer between accounts
Bank Controversy

Treasury reports:
View and circulate fund accounts, bank accounts, checks in progress at different time intervals
- Procurement module
Submit a purchase request
Check the purchase request
Register a purchase order
Send goods to the warehouse
Purchase invoice registration