System introduction

One of the most important processes of organizations is the management of correspondence and business communications of different parts and persons of the organization. Managing this section and recording the history of correspondence, referring and retrieving previous correspondence, time management in labor relations, creating tools to define different roles in communication and office correspondence are the requirements of any office automation software.
Office automation is a systemic solution and the best way to apply the optimal management of the organization as soon as possible and spend the least resources on communications and correspondence in the organization.
Managing communication and business correspondence is the first and biggest step in documenting and improving business processes in organizations.
Just as the benefits of facilitating business communication and correspondence for the organization are clear, so is the difficulty of traditional paper-based management methods for these communications and facilities.
Saving on organizational resources, better management, security and ease of information retrieval and improving work processes can be considered as other benefits of office automation software.

Mechanized System Usage Advantages 

· Tracking matters and following up the work process in a timely manner

· Fast, secure and simple access to information anytime, anywhere

Optimal and efficient design using new technologies

· Service oriented and the possibility of using different types of information exchange services in the organization

· Easy to use and numerous functionalities in this environment

Reduce costs related to non-mechanized administrative operations

System Features

Ability to view intra-organizational correspondence with a single click

· Ability to view the card of different sides of the user

· Beautiful and user-friendly design and at the same time has many features for managers and users

Ability to view the electronic card of employees who have delegated authority to the current user of the system.

Possibility of referring letters to other employees and managers

Ability to view letter text files in various formats including PDF and Word