The contractors are divided into three groups. The first group consists of those who are responsible for collecting segregated waste in fixed booths. The second group includes people who collect and manage segregated waste on a mobile basis at city times. The third group of people who come to the place at the request of partners and receive the separated waste, of course, the second and third groups can be considered one and in the real space of the plan to be present on specific days and times Is done and does not work for every mobile booth request.
For this purpose, we also consider a separate application for contractors. This application is used for the second and third groups, and in addition, the organization's inspectors can also use this application by using this application to record polls from fixed booths.

Entry to program

It is enough for the contractor to enter the system with his specified username and password. And the app can change your password.

readiness and deployment to provide services

 The contractor can start work by entering the program and choosing his area of ​​responsibility. For example, if the contractor is working in mobile booths in the city, by being present at the location and starting the activity, it is enough to inform the partners about the start of the booth by clicking on the presence button. If the contractor is working on a mobile basis, all you have to do is click the start button with the phone's GPS on and access to the Internet, and inform the partner of his location at any time.

Registration of assistants

Due to the fact that not all citizens are aware of the existence of assistant application so they should be informed that this software exists and can use this application to speed up waste delivery. so contractors can register partners and send the application to them.

Package Delivery to assistants

After registration and in cases where the partners need the desired packages, they will go to the partner's place to deliver the package to the partner and the process is that the packages provided in the system must be accompanied by a label that It can be 5 or 10 tags or VIP packages. After delivery, these labels must be scanned and delivered to the partner in such a way that this label is reserved and identifiable for this partner in each part and by another contractor who registers the delivery.

Package Delivery list to assistants

The contractor can use this list to view the request list of packages. And then by selecting any of the packages, he can deliver the package to the assistant. In this way, after selecting the desired package and registering the package delivery, a serial code of the label is also scanned, and from now on, this scanned label belongs to Hamyar and these labels are used in the delivery process. By registering the package for the partner, it is removed from the contractor package delivery list and the present list actually displays the list that only includes the delivery packages to the contractor.

Waste Delivery from assistants

The most important part of the contractors' application is the waste collection, which can happen in two ways. The first is that the partners have made requests for waste collection, and after referring to the contractor, and considering that each contractor for each of the mobile personnel It has set specific times and places for receiving the partners 'waste and the partners' request will be sent to the contractor's mobile personnel. With the presence of the contractor personnel at the place according to the specified time and place, the waste is collected from Himara and registered in the system. The value and amount of this delivery can be added to the Rial value of the delivered waste.
The second case is that there is no request. By visiting the partners in fixed places and booths, the contractor personnel can register the waste received from the partners in the application, and according to the Rial value of the delivered waste, they can score points and amount in the partner fund. This delivery will be added.
And if the requests of the partners were collected from the first case, which was by the request of the package, the general process is that for the delivery of waste, according to the packages provided to the partners and the labels that are affixed on each package. Register this barcode of labels in the system and then specify the type of delivered waste and finally perform the general registration of the delivery process.

Observation of the status of segregated waste and its management

If the partners request the delivery of separate waste on site, the contractor refers these requests to the contractor's mobile staff and the contractor's staff receives the waste according to the addresses of the partners and the door of the house or organization, etc., the contractor then Confirms and registers the received waste separately from the delivery according to its weight.

View Transferring Waste

In some cases, the contractor needs to deliver the received waste to the next contractor, because after the delivered waste and packages have reached a point where the contractor is no longer able to store and collect the waste, it can be delivered immediately. Enter the next contractor and register this waste in the system in addition to delivery to the contractor, for example, 100 packages have been received and delivered to the next contractor, or the process can be such that The opinion of the contractors of a place should be considered as a warehouse. The contractors of the mobile booths should deliver these packages to these warehouses and record in the system that they have delivered to the next contractor and the responsibility for the delivered waste is waived from the contractor. Be.

Reporting Received Waste

According to the waste received from the partners in the city, each contractor can see the details that include the delivery code, delivery date, name and surname of the partner, booth title, type of waste, etc.

Delivery Report

Considering that the contractors or the waste organization consider incentive goods to encourage the partners in exchange for waste delivery, then the contractor can provide items such as delivery code, delivery date, partner name and surname, title of the delivered goods. , See the number of goods, the rial price of the goods, etc.

Financial Report

Contractors can pay the financial value of the delivered waste to the partners in exchange for the delivery of the waste. In this report, contractors can view this financial price paid to Himaran with details including delivery code, delivery date, partner name and surname, cash price, Rial price of goods, etc.


In order to be aware of the rules and regulations, new plans or items that require general notification to all contractors are included in the general notification application, through notifications within the notification program.