With this program, you have instant access to the latest information on licenses, contractors, car owners and violations.
Access to the program is provided through your dedicated inspection username.
The list of permissions in all possible situations can be seen in the permissions tab. Unfinished licenses can be selected and filtered in multiple structures to facilitate access to license information. All details related to the license are available to you. It is possible to view license information based on the license code as a search.
It is possible to approve licenses as primary and secondary approval. View license-related information such as participating vehicles and transit waste information provided.
A list of contractors is provided with the ability to search for a contractor and view their details. Contractors can access their licenses and vehicles.
A list of owners of excavator and non-excavator vehicles is provided, with the possibility of searching for the owner based on identifiable filters and seeing their full details. Ability to record violations for vehicles, view the archive of violations and details of their current license is embedded in the program.
There is a list of types of violations of member and non-member vehicles of the committee along with real estate violations in the system so that it is possible to monitor the archive of violations of a violator by inquiring about the violation information.
It is possible to register violations for cars and property. Inspectors identify the offender and report a violation to them by recording their violation information.
Online updates are available to inspectors instantly at all stages of the work.